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  • Frequently Asked Questions

 #1  by Joao Carlos
 Mon Aug 27, 2018 12:47 am
Question: Will the stock not sold at ICO be burned?
Answer 55% of the total supply will be offered at ICO, in case there are unsold tokens, they will be burned.

Question: Will I need to keep the ONE SHARE Tokens in my original wallet to receive the profits?
Answer: For the first round of investments after the end of ICO, only ICO investors will participate in realized profits. ICO participants will be required to keep at least 50% of the tokens acquired by ICO in their private wallets until the end of the first quarter of investment, in order to be eligible to receive the profits of the first quarter of investment.

Question: When does the shareholder protocol begin?
Answer: The shareholder protocol will begin to function from the second quarter of investment. To be eligible to receive all possible profit of the second quarter of investments, you must keep ONE SHARE tokens in a private wallet from the beginning of the quarter to the end of the profit sharing period. These dates will be widely publicized by our channels.

Question: when will the ONE SHARE be listed in Exchanges?
Answer: The listing discussions for ONE SHARE will start near the end of the ICO. An enormous One Team effort will be made to list in the many exchanges as possible and the best exchanges. Part of the fund collected by ICO will be used to list ONE SHARE, at exchanges that require compensation for listing. Shareholders can participate in this dialogue and opine their favorite exchanges.